What Having No Self-Confidence is Really Doing to You

What Having No Self-Confidence is Really Doing to You

How many times do you look around a room full of people and want to jump into a conversation or just say hi and don’t feel comfortable doing it? How often do you back yourself into a corner or hide out in another room at a party?

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Because you feel like if someone talks to you, all you’re going to do is say something stupid or embarrass yourself?If that sounds like you then you are suffering from no self-confidence and it’s time that you learn exactly what it’s doing to you and how it’s hurting you in your life.

You’re missing out on things that you definitely don’t want to miss, and if you were able to improve your self-confidence, you wouldn’t be missing them anymore.

Missing Out on Friendships

When you don’t talk to people, you miss out on the possibility of developing a friendship with that person. You don’t get the chance to talk with them and learn more about the things that they like that might be similar to your likes. That person across the room that you thought had an interesting haircut or that was telling a really cool story about motocross or anything else might have been your new best friend, but you didn’t have the courage to strike up a conversation and so you missed the moment. Who knows what you could have missed at the same time.

Missing Out on Relationships

Not only are you missing out on the possibility of striking up a friendship, you’re also missing out on opportunities to start a relationship with someone and that could mean that you end up alone or end up with someone who isn’t right for you because you fall into a relationship and don’t have the confidence to end it or seek out something that works better for you. Self-confidence would help you walk up to that person and start talking, get to know them and figure out if you’re really going to hit it off or if you should wait for someone else.

Missing Out on Jobs

Not every job is going to start with a regular interview. You could find your way into a job just by talking to the right people and making friends or even just acquaintances with people. The more you know, the more you’re likely to find out about interviews and job openings that might not otherwise be public as well. But, by being self-conscious, you might never walk up to that person who could be the one to get you that dream job. You could be missing out on a whole lot of potentially great opportunities.

Of course, even if you do get a traditional interview, the self-consciousness that you feel could be keeping you from getting the job. You might find that you’re not being open enough or you’re not being friendly enough or even that you’re just not expressing yourself properly because you’re too nervous or anxious. Those things can definitely hurt your ability to get a job, even if the person on the other side of the table is looking at your resume and knows you have all the skills.

Pulling it Off With No Self-Confidence

So what do you do? How do you manage things when you don’t have the self-confidence that you need? Well it’s going to take a little effort, but before you know it, you could be achieving more than you ever dreamed. That’s because all you need is the courage to give it a try and you could be off to a great start. Sure, you’re eventually going to have to face your biggest fears of actually talking to people, but to start out, you just need to be willing to do it and that might be difficult on its own. So, get a partner or someone that’s willing to help you and definitely put your mind to the task. You never know what you could accomplish.

If you still aren’t really sure, don’t worry about that either because there’s actually a program out there that’s designed to help people who don’t have the confidence to do this kind of thing on their own. It’s called Conversation Confidence and it’s designed to help you better understand what it is that’s keeping you from doing the things that you want to do when it comes to interacting with other people.

The key is helping you go from no self-confidence to a lot of self-confidence and that’s done by helping you see the problem and resolve it yourself. There’s no reason not to give it a shot and plenty of reasons that you should. After all, you’re working towards a better life and with self-confidence that’s definitely possible.

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