Signs You Have a Lack of Confidence

lack of confidence

Even if you seem like the most outgoing person in the room, deep down, you could be suffering from a serious lack of confidence.

No matter how successful you are, you might not feel good about yourself.

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You may experience constant self-doubt, worry, and even paranoia.

These things can all be traced back to a lack of confidence.

The reality is that a lack of confidence can start when you’re young. In fact, studies show that 12% of teenage boys use steroids or supplements to improve their looks because they feel they’re not good enough.

Many experts agree that America has a “self-esteem problem” that comes from many sources.

Think Instagram, the Internet in general, and yes, even reality TV that shows a lavish lifestyle you don’t have.

What are the signs of a lack of confidence?

If you’ve been feeling a little “off” lately and aren’t sure why this post can help you.

Here, we’ll tell you what you need to watch out for if you think you have a lack of confidence.

1. You Always Say You’re Sorry

Sure, if you bump into someone at the grocery store or get into a petty fight with your partner, you should apologize.

But do you constantly find yourself apologizing for things that don’t really matter?

Like offering an idea at work, asking someone for advice, or apologizing for something you didn’t do?

Over-apologizing is a huge sign of a lack of confidence.

Don’t take the blame for something that’s not your fault, and don’t show people that you have a low sense of self-worth.

Try to take note of how often you’re apologizing throughout the day. Remember that over-apologizing makes sincere apologies feel less genuine.

2. You’re Tired All The Time

We all feel exhausted after a long day at work, but if you find yourself constantly tired, falling asleep at your desk, or needing to lay down all the time, it’s a serious sign of low self-esteem.

In fact, it may also signal that your lack of confidence is making you depressed.

The same goes if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Believe it or not, low self-esteem can and does carry physical side effects.

If you’re struggling to get out of bed, to perform daily tasks, or can’t get to sleep at night, you’re in need of some serious self-love.

3. You Isolate Yourself

Of course, in today’s fast-paced world, we all need a little “me time.”

But if you find yourself spending more time in your room than outside of it, you probably have a lack of confidence.

But isolating yourself from other people is no way to feel better about yourself.

In fact, it will only make you feel worse, because eventually if you keep refusing invitations from your friends, they’ll stop coming.

Then, you’ll feel like no one wants to hang out with you.

You may also be sealing yourself off from the world because you’re afraid of conflict. Don’t want to confront your partner about the dirty dishes in the sink?

Would you rather shut yourself off in your office and wait until everyone else leaves because you don’t want to have to talk about a stressful email?

All you’re doing is putting the problem off for later.

Instead, try being proactive on all counts.

Invite people over for a dinner party at your place so you can’t cancel.

Ask your boss if you can set up a meeting to talk about how to handle a problem client.

4. You Can’t Take A Compliment

When someone says something nice to you, do you often find yourself brushing it off?

Do you say things like, “Oh, that’s not really true” instead of “thank you!”

This is a huge sign of a lack of confidence.

Instead, the next time someone pays you a compliment, accept it and move on. Don’t waste everyone’s time trying to convince people why you’re actually not that great – you are!

5. You Rely On Luck – A Little Too Much

People with a lack of confidence don’t feel that they’re masters of their own fates.

When something goes wrong, they blame bad luck instead of evaluating what they could have done to prevent it.

When something goes right, they don’t give themselves enough credit, or celebrate the work they did that brought them success.

Instead of banking on Lady Luck all the time, try to reaffirm your role in what happens in your life.

Recognize that sometimes, it’s you who is at fault. There are no magical, outside forces conspiring against you.

6. You Feel The Need To Lie

We all tell white lies from time to time so others don’t get hurt.

However, if you’re constantly making up stories about your accomplishments, your wild night out, or anything else in your life, it’s a warning sign of a lack of confidence.

Not only does this make people wary of trusting you, it will also seriously stress you out!

Your real life is good enough.

You don’t need to lie to others to make yourself interesting.

Your self-worth should be tied to your genuine accomplishments, not the lie that you met Sofia Vergara at a bar last weekend.

Are You Suffering From A Lack Of Confidence?

If you see yourself in any of the signs listed in this article, you probably are dealing with low self-esteem.

It’s important that you take steps to build your sense of self-worth now.

If you don’t, your symptoms are only going to get worse, and it will be harder to dig yourself out of the black hole of low self-esteem.

How can you get help?

That’s where our website comes in.

If you need more advice on how to overcome a lack of confidence, you can spend some time on our blog. We offer tons of confidence-boosting tips that work for everyone.

If you feel like you need a little more help, we suggest working with a social confidence coach. Learn more about our confidence coach program, and get in touch with us today.

Remember: you are worthy, loved, and destined for success. It’s time to get out of your own way and start achieving your dreams today.

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