Self Image: How to See Yourself in a Better Light

self image

Having poor self image is like being trapped in a distorted maze of mirrors where escape seems futile. It isn’t. Here’s how you can take back your life today. It is simpler than you think…

Everybody has dealt with poor self image at some point in their lives. Sometimes we get insecure about ourselves and see ourselves in an unfavorable light.

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You deserve to have a fulfilling and happy life, and that can start with fixing your perception of yourself. Luckily, there are a ton of tips, tricks, and wise words out there from people who have changed their self image. We put the best ones together to help you with your poor self image.

Are you ready to take back your life? Let’s take a look at some of these great tips.

Fixing Your Self Image

Improving your self image is like any other skill. It may take some time and will definitely take a lot of practice.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not seeing yourself in a totally different way overnight.

Try applying these tips and tricks as often as possible. If one of these tips is especially helpful for you, try focusing on doing it as much as possible.

Think Positive

Negative thoughts and over-criticizing yourself can contribute to a poor self image.

It isn’t at all helpful to just tell someone to think positively– that’s not exactly something you can instantly do!

Instead, try to be mindful and aware of when those negative thoughts happen. Remind yourself that your positive thoughts are probably way more realistic that the negative thoughts you’re having.

You may not be able to erase negative thinking altogether, but with practice, you can transform them quickly into positive and practical ones.

Here are some additional tips that can help with positive thinking:

  • When a good thing happens or a positive thought happens, really try to relish it. Enjoy it. Remind yourself that you did something well and everything turned out great, and you can absolutely do it again.
  • Avoid negative exaggerations and remind that voice of what actually happened.
  • Accept that an awkward or unfavorable interaction happened. Remind yourself that everyone has them– even very well-spoken and popular people. Nobody is perfect!
  • If you can’t turn a negative thought into a positive one, cutting that negative thought off may work just as well. When you have a negative thought or find yourself saying mean things to yourself internally, firmly and confidently (even if you have to fake it) tell that negative thought and internal voice “That’s enough!”

Get Support

This is very important.

Changing how we see ourselves is tough and many people see themselves in a not-so-favorable light.

However, there is a big difference between poor self image and full blown depression or another mental illness.

Visit your doctor and see if you can connect with a therapist if you feel that your poor self image is becoming a serious problem.

If you feel like your poor self image isn’t a danger to your health, you should still seek out support from friends, family, and possibly support groups.

There are a lot of online communities and resources to connect with as well.

Identify Toxic Conditions

Many people who try to work on their self image forget that conditions, reoccurring situations, and environments can absolutely contribute to poor self esteem.

Because we are so harsh on ourselves, we tend to think we are sole to blame.

While taking responsibility for ourselves is great, sometimes we can overlook how bad our environment is and external sources that may be harming us.

A few conditions to reflect on are:

  • Your home life. Are you treated well by your family, parents, or spouse? Do you look forward to coming home?
  • Your work life. Do you like your job? Does your job challenge you and stress you out in a positive way, or does it leave you drained and unfulfilled?
  • Crisis. Has there been a major crisis in your life recently, such as a death or loss of a job? Has your child moved out, or have you gone through a divorce?

All of these things can contribute to poor self image. Most of these things can’t be helped, either.

If there are options for you to get out of these situations, we strongly suggest that you reach out to people that care and get out.

If you’re in a situation you can’t get out of, such as grieving a death, talking to people who have been through that kind of pain can validate you and help you.

Give Yourself Compliments

Tell yourself something you like about yourself every day.

Sometimes this is hard, especially if we’re feeling especially lousy about ourselves and can’t think of a single thing.

There are a ton of things about you that are good, and there must be a few that you’re personally proud of.

Whether the compliment is about your looks, actions, words, attitudes, abilities, or skills, it will give you a little push towards positive self-talk.

Sometimes writing down a list of positive things about yourself can be helpful as well.

Challenge Your Beliefs

This is a tough one for everybody, not just those of us with poor self image.

If you are clinging to a belief that is negative or damaging, especially to yourself, it may be time to confront that belief and let go of it.

Negative beliefs can be:

  • Religious. Is there a religious or spiritual belief that you hold onto that could be damaging? Do you have a spiritual belief that invokes feelings of self-loathing or shame on a regular basis?
  • Self-centered. Do you have firm negative beliefs about the nature of yourself? Do you feel like you can’t change and you are naturally “bad”?
  • Political. Are you heavily involved in politics and cultural things that are unhealthy? Do you have a political belief that is affecting your self-perception?

Challenging these beliefs is downright scary, especially if you’ve had them your whole life.

Start by asking yourself the above questions, and ask yourself why you believe what you believe.

A little self-reflection can go a long way!

Remember That You Deserve To Feel Good About Yourself

Now that you have some handy tips to apply to your life, you can start to change your self image.

It can be a tough journey, but you will come out kinder, better, and most of all, happier.

Did these tips help your self image? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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