Self-Esteem Exercises: The 30-Day Approach That Works

self-esteem exercises

Look, there’s something really really important that you need to know about self-esteem. It’s something many of us forget, but if you’re going to be successful you need to remember it.

Here it is: healthy self-esteem has to be maintained every day. How? By practicing self-esteem exercises that help you keep yourself in a useful mental state.

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Yes, I know you’re busy. That’s one of the biggest challenges facing those who want to keep their self-esteem healthy. Who has the time for self-esteem exercises anyway?

I get it.

But in order to maintain a healthy self-esteem, you have to work on it each day. Fortunately, it isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds, and this post will give you 3 simple exercises you can do every day. Try doing these self-esteem exercises every day for 30 days. At the end of the month, you will notice a major change in the way you see yourself.

Now, let’s get started!

Why Are Self-Esteem Exercises Helpful?

Self-esteem exercises are important because they help you maintain a productive and healthy mindset. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can boost your self-esteem just once, and then move forward.

But it’s not true. Self-esteem is something you must work at daily. It’s something that requires practice. It’s like flexing a muscle.

When you maintain healthy self-esteem, you become more confident. It also makes it easier to love yourself the right way.

Now, I’ll share some proven self-esteem exercises that will make it easier to build healthy self-esteem.

Do Something Nice For Someone Else

In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” he states that one of our deepest human needs is to feel important. It’s something we all desire, don’t we? Who doesn’t want to feel like they matter?

If you’re going to have a healthy self-esteem, you need to know that you’re important. You need to know that you matter to other people.

The best way to view yourself as important is to do something nice for someone else. Having a positive impact on the lives of others is a sure-fire way to show yourself that you matter.

The great thing about this is that it’s not difficult. I’m not saying you have to run around saving kittens and walking old ladies across the street — although you can if you want to!

It’s just a matter of doing little things that benefit the other person.

Here are a few examples:

  • Buy lunch for a co-worker.
  • Compliment your friend on something they’re wearing.
  • When you get good service at a restaurant, talk to the manager and compliment the employee who helped you.
  • Write a heartfelt encouraging email or text message to someone who is going through a hard time.
  • Volunteer at a non-profit organization or church.

See? Not too difficult, right? Focus on helping others. It’ll help you feel much better about yourself.

Take Stock Of The Things You Do Right

Admit it. If you’re like many others, you probably spend tons of time dwelling on past mistakes and failures.

We all do it, don’t we?

But this type of thinking isn’t productive. It lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel worthless.

Instead of honing in on your shortcomings, you need to refocus your mind on the things you do right. If you start doing this daily, you will re-train your mind. Over time, you will start doing this automatically.

Start a list of things you do right. Each day, write down 3 – 5 things that you did well that day. Every day, you will add to the list. At the end of 30 days, you will have quite an impressive list of things that you did well.

The reason this is so effective is because it provides concrete evidence of who you really are. It shows you that are competent, kind, and worthy. A list like that is hard for your self-talk to argue with, isn’t it?

I’m not saying that you should never think about your mistakes or failures. As a matter of fact, learning from your failures is one of the best ways to grow.

What I am saying is that you have to balance it out with the things you do right. That way you will be able to look at these failures without losing your self-esteem.

Lock Down Your Mind

Here’s a question: what types of influences are you allowing inside your mind? Are they positive influences? Or negative?

Building your self-esteem means being careful about what you allow to enter your thought life. You have to guard your mind like a mother bear guards her cubs. It’s that serious.

Focus on things that are inspiring. Here are some examples:

  • Listen to podcasts that inspire and teach you to become a better you.
  • Read inspiring books.
  • Watch motivational speakers who will lift you up.

These three things will go a long way towards lifting your self-esteem. While these exercises are important, there’s something else you need to do that is INCREDIBLY important.

You have to be very careful about who you hang out with. Negative people can quickly put you in a foul mood and damage your self-esteem.

Avoid critical people who only want to put you down. There’s nothing positive that can come from having relationships with these types of people.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to surround yourself with “yes men.” But you want people who will focus on your positive attributes as well as your negative ones. You want people who will give you constructive criticism that is designed to help you, not hurt you.


Self-esteem exercises are a great way to improve and maintain your self-esteem. However, it’s not about the exercises, it’s about the consistency. You can’t do these exercises sporadically and expect to get results. You need to make them a habit.

Over time, these self-esteem exercises can drastically improve your self-esteem. When you have better self-esteem, you will continue to be a confident person who reaches your goals.

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