Self-Confidence Tips that Can Help You Run Your Own Life

Self-Confidence Tips that Can Help You Run Your Own Life

How many times have you been told ‘all you need is confidence’ when you say you aren’t sure how to approach someone or what to do in a specific situation? And that’s the big problem right? Read more below and take charge today!

You just don’t have the confidence and no one seems to understand because they think it’s so easy to just ‘be confident.’ Rather than giving you other self-confidence tips, they just expect that you can simply ‘turn it on.’

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who aren’t able to do that so easily and that’s why figuring out how to improve your confidence can be the most important thing to start with.

Top Self-Confidence Tips for Your Life

Make Yourself Look Great

The first key to confidence is making yourself look your best. After all, looking your best is going to help you feel a whole lot more confident just to start.

Take some time that morning to comb out your hair or maybe do something different with it. Spend a little more time with the straightener or curling iron or with some hair gel or even just clips or headbands. Then, make sure you pick out some nice clothes that make you look good.

Dress to impress, but keep in mind the specific situation, for example a nice suit for a business meeting, or shorts and a t-shirt to meet someone special. But, make sure the clothes are clean and they look good on you.

Think Positively

When you sit there and just let yourself think, where does your mind go? If you’re like a lot of people, your mind starts picking apart everything about yourself. It could be the way you talk, the way you walk, the clothes you’re wearing or anything at all. You start to second guess yourself and everything that you’re doing, but that’s definitely not something you want.

So each time you feel your mind straying to a negative thought, work as hard as you have to in order to get rid of it. Convince yourself of your skills and everything that is great about you, including how you look, how you handle situations, the specific things you’ve been able to accomplish and a whole lot more. Thinking positively about yourself gives you more confidence.

Be Prepared for Anything

The more prepared you are for a situation, the better you’re going to feel about it and the better you’re going to be able to accomplish it. Think about the last time you had to give a presentation about something that you’re knowledgeable in. Let’s say you’re a political science major and you had a discussion with someone about the political impact of a specific bill.

You probably felt pretty good and you had no problem sharing your thoughts and ideas right? That’s because you felt like you were fully prepared for the conversation. If you can make yourself prepared for other situations, like that interview or the discussion with someone you might want to go out with, you’ll be able to experience that higher level of confidence as well.

Practice Your Skills

It may not be easy to just up and showcase your new self-confidence tips to someone that’s a little daunting to you. For example, just jumping into that interview might be terrifying, or jumping into asking out that girl you’re admiring across the bar. But, if you get the chance to practice with someone else first, it might be easier. So, talk to one of your friends.

Ask if you can try it out on them. You might just need someone you can sit down and talk with or maybe you want to go through the process of role playing the situation. Either way, your friends are going to help you out.

Getting the Conversation Started

If you’re still not sure about getting your self-confidence on and you don’t really know how to change yourself, then you might want to look at some assistance from a professional who’s been helping other people with their self-confidence problems for years. After all, gaining confidence really isn’t as easy as anyone wants to make it out to be. A confidence coach, like Edward Ezeanu, is definitely going to be of assistance.

Summing it Up

The best thing you can do is become more comfortable in your own skin. It really does come back to being confident, but it’s not about simply snapping your fingers and getting there. It’s about slowly managing to improve yourself and feel more comfortable with yourself.

By working through the way you look first, you’re going to help yourself feel better about yourself, before you start asking someone else to think of you any particular way, and what could be better than that?

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