Love Yourself: 20 Ways You Can “Do You” Today

love yourself

In an economy where the individual is only a cog in the workings of society, self-love tends to get left behind.

You’re not only alive to work, you live to work. That seems about it sometimes. You can’t really love yourself when you are working 80 hour weeks. But sometimes you have to do that just to scrape by.

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But even when you are “just scraping by” you can still find a moment to love yourself. And really, when people claim they spend all of their free-time working they are probably exaggerating.

But even if they are exaggerating, science proves that even self-acceptance is the least practiced habit among humans.

But it’s also the key to a happier life. Which is why you should take the next few minutes to assimilate at least a few of these twenty ways you can love yourself today.

1. Love Yourself With Excercise

It’s what you need to do. You brain literally produces new cells when you exercise. And it also produces endorphins. These are chemicals that make you feel good. If you aren’t exercising moderately, you are more likely to be depressed.

So go for a jog or a quick hike. Your body will love you for it.

2. Be Temporarily Alone

Some of us spend too much time alone. But a lot of people are stuck with other people when they need to be alone. This also means turning off social media and leaving your phone behind. We are entirely too connected these days.

3. Be a Complimentarian

Yes, that’s spelled wrong on purpose. You’re probably your own harshest critic. Why so down? You might have actually put yourself there. One part of what it means to love yourself is to praise yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and say this one phrase: “You’re awesome!” Or some variant on that. You deserve it.

4. Feed Yourself

What you put into your body can affect your mood. Do you pay attention to what you eat? Remember, the closer to the earth the better. Eat some whole grains and toss the twinkies for a bit. See how you feel.

5. Sleep-In

Or go to bed early. It’s recommended you get seven to nine hours of sleep. Our world likes to grind us into the ground. Don’t let it. Burning the candle at both ends may seem cool when you’re 18, but it really isn’t.

6. Eat Chocolate

Dark chocolate, primarily. Anything 70% cocoa or above. It’s got loads of antioxidants. It reduces risk for stroke. Plus, it gives you those lovey feelings because of a chemical called phenylethylamine.

So, eat more of the legal love drug. We dare you.

7. Get A Breath Of Fresh Air

Unless you live in a nuclear wasteland or on Mars, you probably live someplace where there is at least a park. This world is yours to explore. And if you go out in the sun at all, you get that precious Vitamin D, which is good for you immune system.

8. Forgive Someone

Forgiveness isn’t about making the person you’re holding a grudge against feel better. It might, it might not. Remember that whole “heaping piles of hot coals on their head” thing about forgiveness? But, if you do harbor bitterness toward someone, release that burden. It’s actually good for your health according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

9. Go Out On The Town

While there are health risks to drinking alcohol, studies have shown that social drinking might be good for you. But it’s probably the social part, not the drinking part. Don’t take this advice if you are an alcoholic.

10. Look Around

If you notice (which you probably won’t if you’re not looking around) only tourists actually look around in wonder when they’re walking. It’s kind of how you can tell a tourist from a local in most tourist towns. But why shouldn’t you marvel at your surroundings? Earth is an awesome place!

11. Travel Somewhere

There are people who literally never leave their hometowns. This is a travesty. There is so much in this world to be experienced. You can’t possibly experience life from your couch. Save up a little and travel, even if it’s only within your own country.

12. Just Do It

Do you overanalyze everything before you make a choice? There is a certain kind of freedom that comes from just going with it. It’s good to go on impulse every once in a while. You never know where your heart will take you.

13. Budget Your Money

There is a maxim that everybody should live by. Pay yourself first. Is there something you’ve been wanting for a long time? Do you keep putting off a purchase because “you can’t afford it”? Start saving now. If you designate money for savings first, you’ll be surprised at what you can skimp on once you’ve paid yourself.

14. Take On A Hobby

Whether it’s tabletop gaming, gardening, music, or bobsledding. Taking up a hobby will give you a distraction from the doldrums of life. It will also help you feel accomplished. And, with some hobbies, there’s even a social aspect.

15. Ignore Other’s Opinions

You’re just going to have those jerks around. They think they are better than everybody else. And they take it upon themselves to dole out judgment. Shut those people out of your life. They don’t deserve your friendship anyway.

16. Be Self Aware

If you don’t know yourself, you can’t love yourself. Could you love a significant other you didn’t know? Neither could you do the same with yourself.

17. Dream On

The dreamers get a bad rap in our culture. But they are the ones who don’t let the world tie them down. If you are motivated enough, you can live out your dreams. It just might take more than you bargained for. But taking ownership of your dreams is the first step. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible.

18. Stop Procrastinating

The longer you wait to do those chores, the worse you will feel about doing them. Get them out of the way first. You will be amazed at how much time you actually have afterward.

19. Move It Move It

Do you dance? Dance! Do you play Capoeira? Get out and find someone to play with. Most people get stiff and stooped in their old age because they don’t move enough. Avoid this by keeping your range of motion wide. Do cartwheels. Try to stand on your hands. Or just wave your arms around like a madman. It’s fun. Try it!

20. Be Yourself

It sounds cliche. But we all try to act like someone else some of the time. You don’t have to be anybody else but yourself. If you feel fake, you probably are. Search within your heart and figure out where the real you is hiding.

Conclusion: Only You Can Love You Best

Good self-esteem starts when you love yourself. Don’t rely on anybody else to love you. People will fail you sometimes. Go ahead. Love yourself. We dare you.

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