How to Start Loving Yourself Through Mindful Eating

start loving yourself

It’s a sad realization. Many of us struggle with loving ourselves and become too distracted from little things that stress us out and set us back. When this happens, we tend to make bad choices in the foods we eat and lose track of what we put in our bodies.

In order to start loving yourself, you need to make sure you’re putting the right foods in your body. You may be asking yourself, is food really going to boost my self-confidence?

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And the answer is yes, of course. Food is something everyone needs  — it is a primitive act of survival. The act of eating brings people together and it should be celebrated rather than made out to be evil.

The first step in learning and practicing self-love is through mindful eating and we are going to tell you ways to get you started.

Feed your body and start loving yourself

Elizabeth Somer, the author of “Eat Your Way to Happiness,” says that eating the right foods can significantly boost your energy and mood and eliminate your stress.

By simply practicing the act of mindful eating we can guide ourselves to a happier and healthier self.

So, what is mindful eating? Mindful eating varies by the individual. It is making choices based on how our bodies respond to certain foods. So if eating lots of vegetables makes your body feel the most energized, then focus on that.

This concept also focuses on the difference between “emotional eating” and actually eating when we are hungry to nourish our bodies. It’s important to recognize if we are just eating because we are bored or stressed or if we actually need the fuel.

By appreciating the fact that we have access to whole, rich foods, we can start connecting and building a positive relationship with food and be on our way to loving ourselves. Mindful eating is the originator of self-love and confidence.

Take the time to prepare your own food

Cooking for yourself and mapping out time to enjoy your own food is a great way to practice mindful eating. It not only allows for healthy, nutrient-rich eating, but it also makes you appreciate what you are putting into your body much more.

There are many advantages of home cooking but one of the biggest is it can improve your relationship with the food you are eating.

The planning and time that goes into your meals will help you nourish and cherish your relationship with food.

There is also no question of the food you are putting into your body, since you are working with the ingredients, and you can give yourself the correct portion size.

Eat whole, nutrition-rich foods (most of the time)

We all know that we should be eating healthy, but there are so many definitions of “healthy” out there that the word almost begins to lose its meaning.

The foods we should be putting into our bodies are whole, real foods that are unrefined and unprocessed and contain no artificial sugars or sweeteners. These qualify as organic foods you would buy at farmers markets and foods that people can grow and raise naturally.

Nutrition-rich whole foods have been around for centuries and it’s what our bodies respond to the best. These are what give us the most energy and in return, the most self-esteem.

It’s important to note that while 80-90% of your diet should be of whole foods, you shouldn’t stress about having a cheat meal or cheat snack. It’s natural that we are will indulge on the not-so-good foods every now and then.

Just make sure you are being mindful when eating these foods and remind yourself that you only need enough to satisfy your craving rather than overindulging.

Respond to what your body tells you

Your body and your digestive system is the best indicator of what foods you respond to best. Some people may respond to a vegetarian diet better while others stick to a poultry and fish diet.

Mindful eating is all about listening to our bodies based on the things we put in our bodies.

For example, you may indulge with a pizza and realize it doesn’t make you feel so hot. You may eat a bowl of vegetables and grilled chicken the next day and be feeling great. By responding and adjusting our eating habits to this, we are practicing mindful eating.

These are the fixes that will help you start loving yourself.  Love your body, pay attention to it and give it the things it needs to be happy.

Check in with yourself before and while eating

Practice taking some time to listen to your body before and while eating to find out if you’re experiencing actual hunger. Sometimes we eat because we are emotional or bored and this will make us feel lousy.

Get in the habit of asking yourself before you eat if you really need it to fuel your body. You should also start taking breaks from your meal and asking yourself is you have had enough.

If you are full and satisfied, save your leftovers for later. There’s no sense is shoving them all down just because they are in front of you. Eating too much and too fast doesn’t improve our connection with food.

Also, pay attention to how long it takes you to eat. There’s not really a set amount of time but it’s recommended to eat slow and take small-medium sized bites. You’ll digest at the right rate and your body will respond much better.

Take time out of your day to sit down and enjoy the food you are eating.

Learn to appreciate your food

This may be the most important aspect of starting to love yourself through mindful eating. It’s appreciating and building a connection with food.

Consider this fact: in the United States, 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinical eating disorder at some point in their life. Many of these people struggle with body dissatisfaction and believe that food is destructive.

Although it may be an enriching process, we need to realize that food is an essential part of life. That food is our friend and not the enemy. Food is what gives us life, it’s what makes us grow and gives us the strength to get through our days.

Food is what gives us life, it’s what makes us grow and gives us the strength to get through our days.

By building up this relationship, we connect with ourselves and become in sync with our bodies. This is what will get you to start loving yourself.

Mindful eating is a great way to start loving yourself and working on your confidence. Continue to create a happy life for yourself by building up social confidence and self-esteem. Consider hiring a social confidence coach to get you there. You got this!

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