How the Use of Correct Body Language Benefits Your Self-Confidence

body language benefits

Self-esteem issues are on the rise in America and throughout the world. Whether you’re insecure about your career, your relationships, or even the way you look, how you present yourself can actually help increase your self-confidence.

Check out our article on the mental body language benefits, and learn how to form good habits to affect how others see you and how you see yourself.

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Take A Wide Stance

One of the biggest projections of self-confidence? Standing with your feet at least shoulder-width apart. Standing with your feet pinched together may indicate self-doubt, and you’re actually closing yourself off to those around you.

Relax your knees, and focus on evenly distributing your weight across the lower half of your body. This is one of our body language benefits that doesn’t just make you look powerful to other members in the boardroom it will also help to increase your sense of self-worth.

Get Into A Power Pose

You may have heard about power posing on television shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but it turns out this stance offers body language benefits that aren’t just great for psyching out Park Avenue housewives. Now, it’s been scientifically proven to be effective.

Power posing will actually make you feel physically and mentally better.

Standing with your hands behind your head and your feet propped on a desk or standing with your legs and arms wide open for even two minutes increases your testosterone levels and lowers the stress hormone, cortisol.

Do this before a big meeting, or even before a social event you’re tense about, to draw every eye in the room to you. That’s guaranteed to make you feel great in addition to in control!

Don’t Drop Eye Contact

We know locking eyes with a stranger can feel intimidating. But doing so won’t just make the person you’re speaking with feel more valued, it will actively relax you and make you feel less intimidated.

Why? Because the other person is showing you their vulnerability, and holding their gaze puts you at the same level as them.

As a tip, make sure you keep eye contact long enough so that, when you leave a conversation, you know for sure what color the person’s eyes you were speaking with are.

As a tip, make sure you keep eye contact long enough so that, when you leave a conversation, you know for sure what color the person’s eyes you were speaking with are.

Work On Your Posture – Even When You’re In Motion

Sure, standing up straight is one of the basics of good body language. But what about how you carry yourself when you’re walking?

The next time you’re entering a room, or getting ready to get up and give a presentation, examine your gait and the way you hold your body while in motion.

The body language benefits of longer strides, open chests and slightly pushed back (not stiff) shoulders convey a message of success to those watching. Your stride will help to relax you, and won’t put as much stress on the joints and muscles of your body, making you feel instantly in control.

Your stride will help to relax you, and won’t put as much stress on the joints and muscles of your body, making you feel instantly in control.

Uncross Your Arms

Have you ever found yourself alone at a party, perfectly dressed, knowing your an awesome person, and yet wondering why no one is talking to you?

Your body language may have something to do with it. Whether you’re sitting or standing, crossing your arms (as well as your legs if you’re seated) basically says to passersby, “Don’t talk to me right now.”

Even if you don’t feel tense at all, your body language is conveying that you’re stressed. If you’ve noticed that you’re often a bit sore after a big conference or event, it’s a big indication that you’ve been carrying tension.

Next time, try holding your arms at your side (it’s going to feel weird at first, but don’t worry, you look totally normal) and smiling. We’re sure someone will come talk to you right away because you’re projecting an approachable, friendly air.

One of the body language benefits of this move? Soon, your smile will be completely genuine, as all the attention your getting will boost your self-confidence.

Use The Power Of Touch To Put Yourself And Others At Ease

Don’t worry – we’re not giving you pick up artist-like tips here. The good news? You’re not the only person in the room who is nervous. The bad news? None of the people who are nervous are talking to each other.

Did you know that a gentle touch on the arm when responding to a joke or bonding over conversation can actually help to put another person at ease?

In the process, you’ll also help yourself relax, as you’ll assume the dominant role in the conversation, and prove to yourself that you can easily make others feel comfortable around you.

Pro Tip: You can tell if a person prefers not to be physically touched by their body language. If they’d rather you keep your hands to yourself, they’ll often slightly pull back or lower their gaze.

Understanding the meaning of other’s movements is just another one of the body language benefits out there!

Mirror The Posture And Gestures Of Those Around You

You may have heard of the mirroring technique before. If you see someone crossing their left leg over their right in a conversation with you, doing the same pose will help them to relax and feel more comfortable around you.

Why? Because the other person sees you as similar to themselves if you mimic their posture or even facial expressions.

It’s a great way to build connections between strangers which will help you feel much more at ease!

You’re Ready To Rock Your Next Party Or Work Event Thanks To These Body Language Benefits!

Relaxing in social situations isn’t always an easy task. But with a little practice and a few slight adjustments to your body language, what you choose to talk about, and even how you talk to yourself to get psyched about an evening out, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Want more advice on how to build your social self-confidence and the best ways to connect with others fast? Check out our website and blog for more tips.

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