7 Self Esteem Activities for Teens

self esteem activities for teens

One of the keys to living a happy life is self esteem. But liking oneself is easier said than done.

For teenagers, self esteem is a big issue to tackle. During teenage years, there are all sorts of issues that impact one’s self esteem. These issues include:

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  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Physical changes during puberty
  • Beauty standards set by the media
  • The need to fit in and feel accepted
  • Ideas of how one should act and look

During these times, it can be hard for a teenager to have high self esteem. In fact, studies show that girls’ self esteem is lowest at the age of 12 and doesn’t improve until 20.

Self esteem issues impact growing men as well. Boys between the ages of 12-17 go through periods of insecurity and sensitivity.

Are you looking for ways to help a teenager in your life? Do you want to learn how to boost a teenager’s self esteem?

The good news is that there are tons of self esteem activities for teens to help boost their confidence!

Read on to learn about these self esteem activities for teens and how they can help.

1. A journal for compliments

Teenagers often struggle with how they look. They want to meet beauty standards they see on television on online.

Because teens place a lot of emphasis on their looks, many become unhappy with themselves physically. Many of them focus on things such as weight loss and wearing make up to boost their self esteem.

Teenagers compare themselves.

They want to meet impossible beauty standards.

They focus on their flaws.

All of these things can send a teenager’s self esteem levels into a sharp plummet.

We all have flaws, right? But with the proper mindset, we can see flaws as just part of who we are. Most teens aren’t able to accept themselves.

A compliments journal can help create a more positive mindset. Self compliments help to build self esteem and self-confidence.

The journal should be used daily. The teen will write down 3-5 things that they like about themselves.

This is a simple activity that will make a teen see the good side of things.

Self-love and accepting who we are is an important part of healthy self esteem levels.

2. Practice positive thoughts and statements

Have you had a day where you just couldn’t find the bright side of anything?

For teenagers, these types of days happen regularly.

When we are down on how we feel about ourselves, our words become negative as well.

What we think influences how we feel. And our feelings drive our actions.

Self-talk and self esteem go hand-in-hand.

An important life skill for a teenager to have is to be able to see the positive in all situations.

Self-talk examples include:

  • Our softball team lost but next time we will win if we work together
  • Even though math is not my best subject, I know I will catch on if I keep studying
  • I may not look like the people on television but I am happy with who I am

Proper self-talk involves understanding the situation but being able to see the good in it.

Even the worst of days have a silver lining!

3. A collage of talents

All teenagers have goals and aspirations.

Some want to go to college to become athletes. Others want to graduate valedictorian and become a CEO.

It’s important for teenagers to have life goals.

But it’s just as important for them to know their talents that can be used to achieve them.

Using magazines, have a teen create a collage of his/her talents. This activity should be fun and full of creativity.

This collage focuses on internal likes vs. external ones. By focusing on a teen’s talents, they will worry less about their physical concerns.

With talent collage, a teen will see just how much talent he/she has. This boosts self esteem and self-love.

4. Positive thinking groups

No one understands a teenager like another teenager.

And sometimes compliments from other teenagers are better received than those from adults.

Positive thinking groups puts teenagers together and allows them to speak positively about each other.

The purpose of these groups is for teenagers to compliment each other. This is the perfect activity for middle school and high school students.

Bullying is very prominent in schools. In fact, over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.

Bullying can take a toll on a teens’ self esteem. A positive thinking group can show teens that not everyone thinks badly of them!

The group can also be used to teach teens how to accept themselves, no matter how different they are.

This is one of the many self esteem activities for teens that makes a noticeable impact.

Low self esteem is worth addressing

Some people believe that teenagers will inevitably go through highs and lows. But not many people understand the dangers of the lows.

Teens who suffer from low self esteem can fall into all sorts of problems. In fact, low self esteem has been linked to:

  • violent behavior
  • increased dropout rates
  • suicide
  • low academic achievement
  • suicidal actions/suicide

For teenagers, low-self esteem is more than just not liking who you are. Adults have to understand that during these times, teenagers need to be supported.

But how can you help a teen who wants nothing more than to be independent?

We all know that teenagers are all about doing things on their own. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer them emotional support!

During these times, don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. Provide a positive environment by:

  • focusing on the positive side of things
  • listening with an unbiased ear
  • offering praise
  • avoiding criticism
  • rewarding good decisions and actions

Self esteem activities for teens are a must!

We were all teenagers once, and we know just how tough those times were.

Teenage years are filled with change and uncertainty.

Teenagers are trying to find themselves. At the same time, they’re also trying to find their place in the world.

This makes it all too important for families and schools to provide self esteem activities for teens. The better a teen feels about him or herself, the happier they will be.

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