5 Interview Confidence Tips To Land The Job

interview confidence

Good news! They like your resume and their hiring manager got in touch.

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In today’s competitive job market getting a callback and an interview is great.

The bad news is there’s the next step:

The dreaded interview.

For some of us who have lacked social confidence, an interview can be a frightening experience.

It’s one thing to build social confidence at work when you already have a job. But how to you land that job you want in the first place?

For many of us, a good job is a necessity. There is so much pressure when it comes to interviews it makes us even more nervous.

Students are graduating with an average of $30,000 in student loans due today. We need good jobs to pay back that debt.

We need health benefits too. In 2016, studies revealed that healthcare costs had their sharpest increase in 32 years.

We owe money and we need good benefits. The last thing we want to do is go broke or have to move home.

Luckily, if you are heading in to interview for a new job or promotion we can help. You don’t have to fear the interview anymore.

You can master the challenge with interview confidence. We can help.

Let’s boost your confidence:

1. Interview Confidence Begins With Preparation

For so many of us, fear comes from the unexpected. How will the interview go when I get there?

Will I fail miserably?

You can cut down on the fear by preparing ahead of time.

Here are some tips:

  • Review the job posting
  • Review your resume
  • Research the company
  • Research your interviewer on LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Map your route to the interview site
  • Do a dry run getting there to see how long it will take
  • Set out your clothes
  • Give yourself plenty of time the day of
  • Practice interview confidence techniques

Preparing ahead of time doesn’t just mean studying the company, or researching your interviewer. Preparing for interview confidence means preparing for mental success as well.

2. Remember the Time

Interview confidence can be built by using your own memory.

Maybe you’ve never loved interviews. Maybe you’d always seen them as a terrifying nerve-wracking experience you’d like to avoid at all costs.

For many of us, this is the case.

But you surely have achieved some measure of success in other areas of your life. This could be in your personal and professional life.

Find a quiet place and remember back to a time you felt comfortable, confident, and successful.

What did it look like? What were you wearing? Who was with you? Were there sounds and smells you can remember?

Most importantly, what did it feel like?

Remember this time in vivid detail. And remember how you personally felt.

Maybe your back felt relaxed, or you felt a smile on your lips. Maybe your arms felt loose and calm.

For all of us, this is different. But practice going back to this feeling.

As much as research and setting out your outfit, practice this interview confidence skill. Bringing that confident feeling with you into the interview will help.

The confidence it already inside you.

Remembering a time you achieved high performance and felt successful and confident will propel you into confidence. You may even have experienced success in athletics.

Even if you haven’t, when preparing all of us can learn techniques from professional athletes.

3. Visualize Success

It’s not just you and me who need to prepare for the next big step in our careers. Professional athletes use preparation techniques to mentally prepare for success.

By imagining themselves in successful game situations, athletes are shown to perform at a higher level. We can use the same techniques.

Prior to your interview, build on remember a time you felt very successful. Now imagine various steps of the interview:

  • The Meeting
  • The Handshake
  • Sitting Down
  • Listening
  • Talking

Doing these mental rehearsals will boost your interview confidence. And just like professional athletes, you’ll achieve greater performance.

Get ready to start work Monday!

4. Be Professional

Unlike athletes who can grunt and groan and strain their way to success, we need to be more composed when it comes to interviewing for the job we are hoping for.

Don’t overcompensate and act too confident. It can come off as cocky.

Dress appropriately, don’t be too familiar with your interviewer and remember you are being observed for your professionalism.

Acting professional will also boost your confidence. When you look and act the part, you will know you are qualified.

But make sure you are listening.

5. Be an Active Listener

Remember, you are going to be working for them. Not the other way around.

One mistake many prospective employees make when it comes to practicing interview confidence is not listening.

Why? They are so busy thinking of their next possible response they don’t listen to the questions.

Or, they are so nervous, prospective employees talk over the interviewer.

We need to be active listeners to be successful in building interview confidence.

An active listener has good posture, looks at the speaker, and takes in the information as it’s given. It’s okay to take a moment after they finish talking to compose your response.

It’s not okay to not listen at all. You can come off as arrogant or cocky if you talk too much.

And you can come off as clueless if you aren’t listening enough to respond to the questions.

Good interview skills depend more on being a great listener than a great speaker.

Moving Beyond the Interview

You did great! Our proven secrets for building interview confidence helped you get that job or promotion you worked so hard for.

Studying and practicing proven techniques really pays off!

Did you know you can build you social confidence beyond the interview as well? You can build self-love, get confident, and succeed.

Building your social confidence means having a fuller life. Your career, romantic life, and social life will expand dramatically once you know the steps you can take.

Don’t wait another day to change your life. By having confidence in all of your conversations you’ll be happier and more successful.

Let’s go:

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